How to Create a POPup in Elementor [Advanced Elementor Tutorial] [Elementor] [WordPress]

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January 13, 2021
#WebDesign #WordPress #WebTutorial – – – VIDEO TITLE: How to Create a POPup in Elemento [Advanced Elementor Tutorial] [Elementor] [WordPress] 🐙| How to Make a Popup in Elementor – – – VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Hi, I’m Justin Young, the Owner of 702 Pros, a Las Vegas Web Design and Marketing Agency. In this video, I cover how to create a popup in Elementor, some tricks and tips, advanced settings and different types of Elementor popup triggers you can use to serve the popup to visitors on your website. – – – IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure and watch until the end, I have an important BEST PRACTICE for popups you are going to want to keep in mind, so you don’t find yourself in trouble with search engines. – – – LINK TO BLOG POST FOR MORE INFO AND TO SEE THE POPUP IN ACTION:… – – – OTHER HELPFUL LINKS: Domain:… Hosting:… WordPress Download: Elementor: Elementor Pro: – – – COMMENT, LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE WITH THE NOTIFICATION BELL. Please leave me a comment if you have any questions, like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe if you enjoyed the video and want more tutorials like this! Thank you so much! See you soon :) – – – USEFUL TAGS: elementor pro, wordpress, web design, wordpress tutorial, web development, web developer, elementor plugins, elementor tutorial, mobile website design, mobile website headers, mobile design, web pros, 702 pros, website experts, web tutorial, website how-to, web designer, designer, screencast tutorial, POPup Tutorial, Advanced website tutorial, UX Design, Website Design
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Justin Young
3 years ago


Justin Young
3 years ago
Reply to  Justin Young


Justin Young
3 years ago

Hi! Great video!

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